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The new parents don't know how to choose diapers!

"Since my baby was born, the people around them are advised me to choose xx brand of diapers, yet it is the voice of a mixed and is really let me up for a circle, exactly what kind of diapers is the most suitable for baby? I just don't know what to do... "
Not long ago, there were netizens and editors who reflected on these situations. In fact, most young mothers understand the benefits of wearing diapers. But the majority of the elderly people who see you putting your child in diapers will take the method that they brought with them that year, and that's not true!
It is not harmful for the baby to wear diapers. It is not necessary to cultivate his urine habit too soon. Too early and frequent urination will make the baby can not follow his own bowel habits to consciously complete, formed a little urine to want to go to the toilet frequency habits. But after one year of age, especially in the summer, can not give the child to wear diapers appropriately, into a small pants, can always ask the baby want to defecate, can also wait for urine trousers and tell him: next time you want to pee can tell mom, or pants would be wet. Over time, he himself will understand, that feeling is to go to the toilet, naturally formed the habit of urination!
Use diapers really convenient for parents to the child, but if use undeserved, also there are some problems, such as: some children abroad 2 ~ 3 years old is still not a full bladder (some children in primary school with diapers), teenagers still wetting the bed, and so on. Therefore, parents should use diapers in a scientific way:
1. Change the diaper frequently and don't get soaked or changed for too long. Even if the weather is cold, the change of absence can lead to bacterial growth, resulting in hip infection and red fart symptoms. A bridge baby diaper will ensure that parents even change the diapers, because the bridge baby diapers have 2 to 3 diapers, which can help parents remind the baby even if they change!
2. Nappy should be used during the night, which can avoid the habit of changing the diaper or turning on the light to disturb the baby's sleep, while making the baby wake up at night; It's best to use diaper and urinate during the day. After forming a habit, even if your baby is 1 year old, you can stop using diapers at night.
Use diapers when you go out. Bridge baby diapers has super lock water absorption system, chooses import Japan's sumitomo, the three great macromolecule new chip, a second achievement quickly absorb the urine, and guide the lower core lock water, effectively prevent the flow back, lock the water faster, stronger. It also has S type magic stick, can adjust waist circumference at will, repeatedly sticky post, dress more convenient, use large area S type side stick, glue more firm. Super elastic side leakage protection, the body is not tight tight, the baby is not afraid of urine leak detection, mother is more assured.
4, if children appear diaper rash, baby diapers, may wish to consider the bridge because of the high breathable membrane, can be like breathing fast discharge stuffy moisture inside diapers, baby sweet, comfortable feeling, baby diapers to enjoy peace!