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Treasure mother's heart: look for the paper diapers with high cost performance

Each when mom used for baby diapers really published a long. Baby in too many brand of diaper is wet, so far, finally chose one of the most valuable, finally need not choose tangle. And this mom is still a virgo. You know.
I'm going to talk about my business. At birth, the hospital is divided into curiosity. It is said that the specific did not know whether there is a charge in the list. The texture is also very ordinary, after the discharge of this package I was useless. I bought the flower king to prepare for the moon, because many people around me are using kao, so I bought it. But there was a gap between what I expected and what I expected. Kao used the surface not to dry. There is a little tide, baby PP is not comfortable, and there is a bit of tuo, it will pile up.
At that time a lot of friends relatives sent pampers, green help, should be regarded as the most popular a diapers, in order not to waste, I also ran out silently, in the town of my daughters red buttock, rarely as usual care are properly, the occasional little red, cream, dry rub buttock is basic on the second day will soon good, but once again by the pampers red ass, go out and relatives, we ran out of diapers, go to the nearby supermarket to buy a bag, it didn't take long for as soon as the red bottom on, poor my daughter's ass, cry my heart.
So said
Diapers really should be chosen!