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New parents are required to use baby diapers

When the dear little angel finally comes to you, your mother will become a super soldier: nurse, urinate, shower, change diapers. It's all "little gestures," but they're all hidden in college.
A cloth covering the lower part of a baby's body or placing it on a crib. Babies are born to be able to relieve themselves, diapers have been accompanied by the baby, almost his second skin. With the development of science and technology, the improvement of living standard, more and more diaper varieties on the market.
If like the old diaper, at the time of pad to the child, should be in the place where the most easy to wet pad is thicker, but don't put the children packed, between the two legs of the two legs apart far away.
Generally when using triangle diapers, below the first newborn diapers on body, the lower side of the cloth diapers on neonatal waist, then put the diaper under an Angle from the newborn's between my legs upward to the navel, then the two Angle from both sides of the body on both sides of the pocket, final reoccupy pins will diapers three Angle don't together. When using a triangle diaper, it is not easy to flow outside, but it is dangerous to use a pin to stop the diaper. In case of slipping out, it will puncture the newborn.
When using a rectangular diaper, the diaper will be removed from the middle of the newborn's legs and into a elastic band in the waist of the newborn, which will be fixed, but this will not be acceptable. Because the waist elastic cock for a long time in the waist, pulled down when changing diapers, or neonatal twist, especially elastic by urine wet and there is no change in time, the elastic will back and forth between the waist and groin friction, sometimes can make its skin chafes, serious form a deep wound, infection occurred.
It is best to use both rectangular diaper and triangular diaper. First put triangle rectangle diaper diaper, then rectangle diapers and triangle diapers a Angle, up to the newborn's abdomen, the final will be triangle urine BuDou, tie in neonatal abdomen, with a fixed diapers. The triangular diaper used at this time can be thinner, with only two layers.
Most parents change their diapers before they pick up the baby, before putting him back in bed. Some of the work is very busy parents when fed children, only after the feeding him change a diaper, such already save time, and don't have to wash so many diapers, because children often eat milk, and defecation. Most babies don't mind the humidity. However, there are individual cases that are particularly sensitive to moisture, so change your diaper frequently. If there is enough to cover the child, the diaper will not feel cold. Only when the wet diaper is exposed and the heat evaporates, the diaper cools.
If the baby is always diaper, and wetting the bed, you need to use two nappies, or add a plastic mat. If you put a second diaper on your child's pad like the first one, it will be too thick. So, you can wrap your child around your waist like an apron, and then use a pin. You can also fold a second stack of growth strips along the first center.
The mistake of pad diapers.
Babies who are born less than three months old have a natural hip dislocation, which is due to improper padding of the diaper.
The baby is a crab in the womb, the legs are separated after birth, the knee is bent, this is a natural position. In this position, the top of the thigh bone is attached to the joint, and the hip joint will develop smoothly during kicking and kicking, even when standing. But when a baby's knees are forced to close together, the muscles on the thigh bone can slip off the top. This will damage the development of the top of the thigh bone and cause dislocation.
So, the pad method is very important. Try to keep the baby's legs in a natural position without affecting the free movement of the hip and knee. A diaper only needs a big leg. Triangulation can make the baby close to the natural position, but if it is too tight, it can also affect the natural movement of the legs.
The principle of choosing diapers for your baby.
The choice of neonatal diaper is pure cotton texture color is appropriate.
Pure cotton cloth diaper and moisture absorption is superior to chemical fiber fabric, and soft and comfortable, easy to wash, suitable for baby use. Old cotton cloth, sheets and clothes are good candidates. It can also be made from new cotton cloth, but it should be thoroughly rubbed and reused. Diaper can fold growth square or triangle, generally should prepare 30-40 pieces, in order to wash, replace.
Newborn baby diaper color with white, yellow, pink advisable, is easy to see the baby when the urine color and character, avoid is used a dark, especially blue, blue, and purple, in case of dye cause allergic, stimulate baby's skin.
The diaper should not be too thick or too long, so as to avoid the deformation of the lower limbs between the legs for a long time, which can also cause pollution.
Be prepared before the baby is born, wash and disinfect before use, and dry in the sun. If you choose nappies, make sure you have a good air permeability and fit the size of your baby's diaper.
Traditional diapers versus diapers.
There are two types of diapers: traditional cloth diapers and modern diapers. Each of them has its own advantages, and of course there are disadvantages.
1. Diapers.
(1) easy to use: after use, throw, do not wash, parents do not have to worry about the urine will get dirty clothes, general 4-5 hours change.
(2) convenient replacement.
(1) easy to cause red buttock: if the baby does not change in time after micturition, local humidity and urine salt can stimulate the baby tender skin and cause hip diaper dermatitis, skin redness or decay. Although the manual says it has good water absorption and air permeability, it is far from the cloth diapers, and the urine is packed in.
(2) has the potential to cause urinary tract infections, especially girls, because the urethral short, row after defecate, if not timely replacement, cleaning, is likely the bacteria through the urethra to the bladder, ureter caused "ascending urinary tract infection.
(3) may affect the fertility of the boy in the future, this kind of situation, though rare, but there are reports that long-term use of diapers can cause male infertility, because urine retention, scrotal place local temperature is higher, affect the growth of testis.
(4) higher cost: a piece of diapers with 2 yuan meter, a small baby with 6 pieces every day, a day spent 12 yuan, 360 yuan a month, for the average income of the family is a considerable economic burden.
(5) it is not conducive to environmental protection: a large number of used paper urine caves, which are arbitrarily discarded without certain treatment, will cause environmental pollution for a long time.
2. Cloth diapers
(1) good for health: cloth diaper breathable, water absorption.
(2) economic, savings: can use the old sheet, cotton sweater, pants of restructuring and become, not to spend money, only human, although the ungainly appearance, but soft, absorbent, after washing can be repeatedly used, more economic than the use of diapers.
(1) frequent change: only if you can keep the local clean and dry, but in the evening, it will affect your mother's sleep.
(2) frequent washing: it's easy to do this in the summer, but it's hard to put up with cold water in the cold winter months.
(3) the package is complicated.
(4) the stain is difficult.
Perhaps, you're not sure what to do with traditional diapers and diapers. Here's how to compare traditional diapers with diapers:
1. Convenience: traditional diapers should be cleaned after changing, and the amount of urine should not be compared with diapers. This will often wake up the baby while changing the diaper, affecting the baby's sleep, which is even more important to the baby than eating. While diapers are generally available in four to six hours (without defecation), this is sufficient to ensure that the baby's sleep is not interrupted and thrown away without cleaning.
2. Safety: in traditional diapers, if it is not specially designed and sewn, it is only used with a piece of cloth before and after a bag, and a elastic band is used to fix it. Therefore, both sides are easy to leak, and easy to shift, urine is easy to flow outside. Compared to diapers, because it has a very good fixed tape on both sides, it is designed to prevent side leakage. As a result, diapers are safer than traditional diapers.
For diapers, comfort: the inner layer with strong water imbibition "small beads", the "small beads" after absorbing water, to lock moisture in "internal" don't let water flow out, so the baby's bottom will keep dry. Of course, if the urine is more than the standard, the baby's bottom will not be dry again when the "beads" are sucked up. But the traditional diaper, unless a urine is wet change, otherwise, the baby just pulls a urine, no matter how much, the small butts will not dry again. In addition, diapers make the baby move freely, so that the person hugging him doesn't have to worry about shifting the diaper, so it's comfortable for both the baby and the adult.
To sum up, experts suggest that during the day, babies should use traditional diaper strips, with little or no disposable nappies. In the evening, you can use nappies when you are able to sleep well. Diaper is also considered for convenience when going out.
The way to change your baby's diaper.
The simple answer is to create a reflex arc that allows the baby to keep quiet while changing the diaper and to be happy with the mother's action. In addition to the above methods, parents can refer to the following diaper changes:
1. Lift the baby's hip with one hand and tuck the diaper pants down the bottom of your hips.
2. Wipe the baby's lower body with a damp paper towel and dry it.
3. Apply powder or baby cream after dry skin.
4. Gently separate the baby's legs, then fold the diaper between the legs, and naturally adjust the diaper shape;
5. Keep the diaper close to the back so as not to drain urine from the back;
6. Fix the diaper cover symmetrically. If the diaper is out of the diaper bag, you should put it in the diaper pants.
Change your baby's attention.
Replacement process, in addition to according to the steps, parents also need to pay attention to the following some of the things, the baby can not only ensure safely to replace the diapers, and often can get twice the result with half the effort.
1. Be fully prepared: clean diapers, diaper pail, skin care wipes and buttock cream before changing the diaper to prepare for changing diapers.
2. Fixed replacement plane: put the baby flat on the floor, bed or small table to make it feel comfortable and safe. It is important to keep the baby's body in hand so as not to fall. If you choose the desktop, please ensure that the height of the desktop is consistent with your waist height.
3, baby safety protection: please ensure that the whole process of changing diapers, always hold your hand caressed baby, to prevent the baby from the bed in the process of changing diapers or unnecessary damage tumbled on the desktop.
4. Close contact with the baby: the process of changing the baby's diaper becomes the time when you and the baby are in close contact with each other. By touching and kissing, the conversation will make both you and the baby feel warm and happy.
5. Diaper update: hold the baby's legs in both hands and lift them up so that the baby's buttocks are slightly removed from the diaper and quickly replace the diaper.
6, the use of baby skin soft wipes: the first few months, your baby's delicate skin in disposable diapers cream and moisturising ingredients for hip is more sensitive, so at this stage to clean, soft, warm diapers is the best choice. When the baby is a little older, use disposable nappies or both.
7. Thoroughly clean: open the diaper, gently wipe the baby's genitals and buttocks with a soft cotton swab or soft tissue. Due to the special physiological characteristics of girls, the correct method should be backward to reduce the chance of filth entering the vagina. The boy made sure that all the folds were clean. Also, be careful when cleaning your foreskin. Meanwhile, in order to avoid the baby's urinating in the process of changing the diaper, soft tissue can be used to temporarily wrap the baby's penis, and then remove the paper towel after replacement.
8. Prevent diaper rash: if the baby has diaper rash, use the buttock cream to establish a protective layer on the baby's buttocks to prevent further infection and allergies.
9. Nappy safety: it all depends on whether you use disposable nappies or nappies. Change your baby's disposable nappies according to the characteristics of the diaper: there is a pull button for adjusting the diaper. Too tight a diaper package will make the baby uncomfortable, and loose will cause the leakage of dirt. Diaper towel: a safety napkin with a pin to adjust the diaper. It is important to keep an eye on whether the pin is fastened to prevent injury to the baby.